love fugative of the mighty minds in your world eye. Drop out !


Brotherhood of eternal love fugative like homers mom. html from right out the 60s revolt, to drop out of the insane established machine. Barracaded the road, dancing in the street. lsd mafia was looking for a solution, a fix, a answer to their post kennedies woes. i being everyone and all was lamping chill with the bear and the chemists now facing hard jailtime for newly funded nixon adminstration war on drugs and enforcemnt agency. they asked we what are we gonna do dooby doobie do. i thought deeply, and replied if only you could fake your identity. even have muliple identies mutliman like the real human identity. eye and tooth brilliant you really are smart that might actually work. the weather underground broke leary out of jail they excepted percecution in the usa escaping to canada or dodgersintroducting counterfieghted idenity they took the photographs, made the paperwork of all kinds. hacked swordfished the mainframe and prequiseites and still chnage this world today small groups of intellengent sophisticated dangourous hippies the pysch survivor excape package 1.) id driver licence, sin # service birth certifacte, features included registered under... uv light, scannable, holographs, microprint bank of grilled cheese credit card bank card 2.) forwarding to 2nd cellphone (lock box w 1st one and old ids) 3.) place to live under standing the mental health act. extended leave is renewed every 6 months, with the renewel examination period within the last month (definded as 31 days?)(i could get oof on this alone if defines a month as less than 31 days in act). cut and paste expirer under mha pg sect 6 expirerey of renewwel period show picture of form 4 and 6 and then 60 days expirery of exective warrent unless harm to self or others cut and paste actuall text show picture of form 21 bolditalic

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