STOP! FORCED NAZI EUGENIC DRUGGING GENOCIDE! Abolish bc mental health act on grounds of genocide

Under the BC mental health act people are forcefully drugged against their will by injection shots. Anti psychotic medications cause hyperprolactemia. hyperprolactemia causes sexual dysfuction, unable to get erect in men and dryness in woman. hyperprolactemia is caused when dopamine is blocked in the synapse and goes around synapse turning into prolactin. in the pituatary and hypoglamis glands of the brain.

at the mental health centre theres the word filth draw in cement. the dr brings ups things talking about the holocaust or is not written in stone or its not a leather cup. from bob dylans song desolation row.

Dr. Filth, he keeps his world Inside of a leather cup But all his sexless patients They're trying to blow it up Now his nurse, some local loser She's in charge of the cyanide hole And she also keeps the cards that read Have Mercy on His Soul They all play on pennywhistles You can hear them blow If you lean your head out far enough From Desolation Row

dr flith leather cup is acually an officer in the holocaust who cut off and kept testicals in the leather pouch made of human skin. this is the level the psychiatrist is on.

the bc mental health act is nazi eugenics, genocide. cause it prevents the people from having sex and having children. in violation of international law united nations convention for the prevention and punishment of the crime of genocide. artical ll defines genocide any following acts commited d.) imposes measures to prevent births weithin a group. the skitzophrenic or mentally ill. stop coercive mental healtyh treatments, patients right to choose.

i have a program here for protesting, organizing, helping people go awol with fake ids and safe houses and stratiges to evade the act for 3 month effectivkly being dischagesd and able to resum elife and careers iwth out crouch of pharmacetionacla "medications" free date may 22 2020 jan 2020 - july 2020 canada day fully free day